How can VQS help?

How can VQS help?

“Your business needs the right tools to grow. If you’re feeling the need for change, contact us to find out more about how VQS can meet your needs.” Perhaps you’re experiencing growing pains? Or maybe your existing system is getting a little too expensive to maintain when compared to the benefits it’s actually providing your business. Every other day we get enquiries from repairers seeking alternatives.

The bulk of our enquiries come from repairers that are unsatisfied with the level of service being provided by their quoting system supplier. Requests for new features have been either ignored, not delivered properly, or prohibitively expensive. Often repairers didn’t anticipate sharp increases in maintenance fees or the introduction of new, expensive, must-have products. As a consequence, repairers are looking for a cost-effective solution from a supplier that will anticipate their needs.


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With the advent of “real-time, real-money” there is a general consensus that there will be a consolidation of the middle market sector. This means that medium sized repairers may begin to experience difficulty competing because they have higher overheads than smaller repairers and conversely don’t have the capacity to handle the low-margin volume that the large repairers enjoy. Consequently, it is thought that in several years the market will thin the medium sized repairers, as has happened previously in England.

If the predictions are correct, now is the time to make a decision - are you going to try and grow your business? Or are you going to downsize with a focus on profitability? Before you make any decisions, the MTA recommends that you reassess your businesses “bottom line.” What is the minimum level of operation that achieves profitability? Where is your businesses break-even point?

VQS is a cost-effective solution tailored to small and middle sized repairers with an eye for expansion. Whatever you decision is, VQS has a software solution that can adapt to your needs regardless of your business development direction.