e-Doc module

Facility to manages the creation, storage and control of document electronically by using the e-Doc module - E-doc module manages the files and folders of the pictures and attachments for the quoting. - Add, remove and change the folders from any computer will make you save time in working on the job. - Track each folders and documents that is been used for each job that you do. Document Management Systems provide the ability to convert, store and share a variety of digital documents within a network. The popularity of DMS peaked in early 80’s when large corporations started utilizing the technology to convert paper documents to digital formats. This process allowed the corporate managers to reduce workload by minimizing the use of papers. The proliferation of internet acted as a catalyst for accelerating this process. Such is the impact of document management solutions that they have become an indispensable tool for large and medium sized organizations. Consider a simple example: imagine how easier it will be for a customer if they wanted to open an account with a company that provides the facility to upload the scanned documents. It may seem trivial but the implication has far reaching effects both on the individual and the company. In this case, the customer doesn’t have to worry about their important papers getting lost, while the company representatives are assured that they don’t have to retrieve tons of papers from the fax machines. Moreover, the personal information of that particular customer is only seen by the authorized individual, whereas the representatives are assured that there are no more shuffled papers


A good document management system is able to capture a variety of file types. Before implementation, decision makers should realize that their system is able to recognize images from scanned documents and multifunction printing tools. Additionally, they should check to see if their vendor provides optical character recognition capabilities that can identify text in the documents.


Once documents have been indexed they need to be accessed easily and quickly. Extensive search and display tools are included so that documents can be retrieved by any or all of the indexed fields, and/or the content retrieved from the embedded OCR system. The results of the search are presented as a list of documents which match the search criteria and each document can be accessed.  


Of all the characteristics of an efficient document management system, good storage practices are central to the success of a company. Due to the vast quantities of data that a document management system can store, it becomes necessary to periodically review the storage capacity. Managers should decide on what is important to store and what information should be archived. At the time, it may also become necessary to destroy certain documents. The periodic review will allow the company to organize its database.

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