Booking Courtesy car (Loan car) and Towing vehicles

Availability of unique features such as Booking Courtesy car (Loan car) and Towing vehicles.
- Keeping track of the Booking courtesy cars and towing vehicle is available.
- You can maintain a record of all the information related to those vehicles.
- You can plan these vehicles and manage using the calendar and planner.
Repair is our exclusive service,In the case of a breakdown, we will tow your car to your nearest Auto Services centre for a free fault diagnosis and estimate, to get you back on the road sooner.

How Booking Courtesy car (Loan car) and Towing vehicles works

Your car has experienced a serious breakdown We will arrange a tow truck to pick up your vehicle to deliver it to the closest Auto Services centre any time of the day or night. Your vehicle is towed to the nearest Auto Services.
You may also receive free towing kilometers depending on your level of Roadside Assistance cover.
You will receive a free 30 minute fault diagnosis and quote.
If you decide against the repair,we will arrange to tow your vehicle to your desired destination (towing charges will apply).
Your vehicle is repaired.
Upon your approval of the work quoted our qualified technicians will repair your vehicle.